Daily Reminders

An excerpt of the original post on being called to service posted on 8/4/17.

1. I need to stop thinking about me – When I’m wrapped up in my wants and my thoughts, being of service is the last thing on my mind. Selfishness and self centeredness remove my ability to help others. 

2. I need to have empathy – Empathy is the ability to understand or share in the feelings of another. I cannot be of maximum service to my fellow man if I cannot empathize with their situation. 

3. I need to be vigilant – There are opportunities abound to be of service, if only I look for them.

4.  I cannot expect anything – Regardless of how serious a situation is, I cannot go into it expecting to get something out of it. My reward is knowing I did the right thing. this is just like holding a door for someone and them not saying “thank you.” I know I did what was right, and that’s all that matters.


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